A Little Tribute to My Local.

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I’ve been going to my local cinema since I was four-years old. One thing that has never changed in all that time is the NO SMOKING sign, located to the right of the big screen. It’s peeled a bit over the years, but is otherwise impressively intact.

My local – I’d much rather go to the cinema than a pub, if I’m honest! We’ll just have to live with that – recently turned 100. It was first opened in 1912 and has witnessed many amazing innovations of cinema as they have happened (it was recently converted to digital). It has even survived a long period of closure prior to being rescued by a group of plucky, hard-working volunteers. They are the people running it now, charging affordable prices at a time when going to the cinema is seen as a luxury.

Volunteer-run cinemas are not unique; I’ve come across them in other small towns. I think they are very important. I fell in love with cinema the first time I ever went, and I am glad other children have been given the opportunity to experience that same passion. But others are not so fortunate, either because they cannot afford to travel all the way to the nearest multiplex, or because they can’t afford to buy tickets in the first place.

And that is a damn shame.

Created: May 30, 2012


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