Sometimes It Hurts

By atomsonbroadway

Well, I wanna turn in to myself
Wanna do what I did, wanna say what I said, wanna transfer regret in praise of love
When I think of someone I think of someone else
It’s just a natural fact, you reflect and refract, I compare and contrast the light you lay over

Well I’ve thought of this already
In a world so wide and whole
The things you say to that girl you know
Are the same things you’d say to that girl you don’t

Every night a different party but all good things can hurt my body like
You ooh, yeah.
Maybe I should get a hobby but I’d rather spend a lifetime lobbying
You ooh, yeah.
Coming home and I wanna get back to work
I don’t mind being called a faggot but sometimes it hurts you know
Like wanting to get laid and then wanting to be held you know
You can’t have it both ways

Well I really wanna turn your head
It’s not the things that you do or the things that you said, it’s the feeling I get, is it love?
It’s just I feel so good when you call or you text (it’s just a love knot, tiny little love knot)
As a matter of fact things go black, there’s no past to retract or explain my experience – I’m under

I will lose every argument
I should wear a straight jacket
I will do the best I can
I will be a lesser man



It’s just a love knot, tiny little love knot

Sometimes It Hurts

Created: May 01, 2010


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