Making the City of train tickets.

By ruddytheatregoers

i dont know if this will help, in showing you how to make a stop motion.

-Alll you need is a digital camera and a tripoid and any movie making software we used windows movie maker.

- Set up the camera that its facing your set, make sure to check that you can view the entire frame, if you dont have a tripod maybe place the camera on a shelf or maybe on a stack of books. Anywhere where the camera will not move other wise, your video will appear manic and not smooth.

- Take a single photo of the scene, move the object bit by bit in small movement each time you take a picture. In this video we just added a train ticket until we made the entire picture.

-Save picture on to your computer and upload to a movie making software.

- If your using microsoft movie maker. Import the photos, the easiest way if you have a lot of picure is to select all at add to timeline.

-You also need to reduce the slide time, you do this by, going to tools click on options and reduce the picture and transition duration to the lowest figure. You could experimenrt with different leangths.

Making the City of train tickets.

Created: Apr 30, 2010


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