Unique's Tiny Story

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Once there was a girl whom even though came into the world with a wealthy prosperous elegant family, she was different from any other. No family member was alike especially when it came upon this particular member of the clan.

You see, this new mother gave birth to a baby girl with no face. Puzzled, conflicted and filled with anxity, the woman turned to her husband who in turn looked upon the doctor for advise.

Constructive critisism was not in the cards for this new family. They wanted results.

"What happened to our daughter," the woman cried.

"How do we know if she's alive or dead?" demanded the father.

The doctor observed and said, "At least her head, arms and legs are moving."

"On the birth certificate," the doctor continues, "what shall we call this unique child of yours?"

The Husband and wife looked at each other and said together, "Unique." They looked back at the doctor and the wife said, "Our daughter's name shall be Unique."

So the family raised their only daughter, now a teenager who also was an only child with the best blind and mute schooling they could manage to afford. She was a head strong individual who was very alert due to her hearing-the only feature on her face that was available. 

"Unique," the father says with  the proudest look upon his face; I love you, Unique. You are the best daughter any  family could ever imagine."

In response, Unique twitched her ears in excitement.

Created: May 28, 2012


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