Documentary Ideas?

By HelloLindsayyyyyy

Here's the scoop.
I work at Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan. On average, we get about 70 kids a day. We don't live in the best area, but these are good kids [for the most part haha].
The school that I work at [and went to elementary school at] that has been opened since 1979 is closing down for good after this summer program due to funding. I've been working with these kids for the past 3 years and I really want to have something on film that will commemorate their childhood, because I more than likely won't be able grow up with the majority of them anymore.

I want to make a documentary type thing. Nothing too extensive, since the school is closing in a couple weeks, it will be stretched for time. And I'm not allowed to have them on film without permission, and I don't want to get 70+ parents permission without having a good point to share.

Since I know I want some kind of documentary, light hearted, innocent/fun, but I have no ideas what to base it on, does anyone have any ideas?

I was thinking maybe the classic question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" but I don't know if that would be enough. Anyone have an idea on how to incorporate that? Or have a better idea?

Also I want to apply to NYU next year (more than likely won't get in, but I definitely won't get in if I don't apply) so I was thinking this could be part of my entrance video.

So if any one has ANY ideas, I would be so happy if you could throw them out here! =]

Documentary Ideas?

Created: Apr 29, 2010


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