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You always gave me butterflies,

They fluttered all about,

And each time you left my door,

They always flew right out,

But every time you came back,

They followed you right in,

 They made a moving rainbow

Right there inside my den,

We’d watch them in amazement,

As we acted just like kids,

We’d talk about the imaginary,

Boogie robots, magician squids,

You’d display your lovely grin,

I’d always kiss you, then and there,

Until the day your heart gave out,

And it was more than I could bear,

So I’d dream about those butterflies,

About your sweet and lovely face,

I’d go and hunt down rainbows,

That held no comparison to your grace,

And after I’d cried many tears

Fought through many an endless night,

I visited your gravestone,

And suddently they took flight,

A million precious butterflies,

Multi-colored, full of love,

They were laying right there with you,

They were flying right above,

I found a permanent smile,

And I shed a happy tear,

Cause’ I know you are still with me

Since your butterflies are here. 

Created: May 26, 2012

Tags: lovely, kids, hope, xanlee, sadness, love, grace, xan, imaginary, butterflies, tears, death

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