vending machine song 1

By moonbug

the machine is broke
this must be some kind of a joke
if things keeping going like this
i swear i’m gonna give up hope

i keep on telling myself
things will get better sometime
i keep on begging the clouds
for just a little sunshine
i don’t know what to do
things just never seem to go my way

so i put on my boots and
i picked out a sweater
i looked in the mirror
and tried pull myself together
outside the rain was like a whisper
and it felt pretty good on my face

i tried to sort it all out
sift thru the raucous mental chatter
it’s like a baseball game without any batter
i’ve got to step up to the plate
but i’ve always hated this game

it’s like a carnival ride
when you’re feeling kind of queasy
at first you thought it’d be fun
but it wasn’t very easy
but you can’t go back and change
the decisions you’ve made

now this spinning of life
has got me thinkin’ ‘bout the drain
until a still small voice
makes it very plain
i’ve got my finger on the lever
i could pull it either way

so there’s no sense in worrying
about what might happen
don’t just throw in the towel
and don’t start nappin’
keep your ticket in your pocket
but be sure to get on the train

for when you face up to
the things you’re afraid of
sometimes you find out who you are
and just what your made of
and no amount of comfort is as good
as what you learned from the pain

you don’t always get what you want
but sometimes you get what you deserve
so when you find yourself
at the center of the universe
open your heart and your mind
and be open to the cosmic play

‘cause life is made up
of a zillion tiny stories
and there’s always one more
so it never gets boring
i’m sure you’ve got one too
i’d love to hear what you have to say

but i can’t fix the machine
the machine is always broken
but i’ll give you a piece
of my heart as a token
cause a little bit of love
always seems to go a long way

you know life is wrapped up
in this one single moment
we all have at the same time
it can’t be stolen
it’s yours and it’s mine
and it goes on until we pass away

so do the best that you can
with what you’re given
if you give your love
it makes life worth living
and that’s all we can do
as we look for a brighter day

i hit RECord
because i’m sure
that i want to be more
than a piece of dust
before i
start to rust
i’m gonna hit RECord

vending machine song 1

Created: Apr 29, 2010


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