for the broken hearted

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how do i miss someone that i've never met?
why do i feel his pain and all of yours as if it were my own? 
i've always wanted my heart to break when someone else's does
and it seems that all the hearts he gave to you
are the very reason your hearts are so broken now

we can write, draw, sing or paint
but if we cannot love,
it is all meaningless
mother theresa once said,
"we cannot do great things,
only small things
with great love"

this is written with love
by a girl over in canada
who is sad with all of you today,
who is more familiar with loss than she'd like to be,
who lost her dad to cancer five years ago 
and her mom to a drunk driver when she was only nine years old

sending heaps & heaps of comfort
to honeyboy's family & those who love him most
to the broken-hearted
who were once hearted
by a really special guy




Created: May 25, 2012


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