the kitten stories (chapter 4, walking)

By spin


*final school bell rings its 3 tone ring. Bree yanks her purple back pack up onto her shoulder and quickly starts her 2 mile walk home. Taking special care to avoid anyone who might want to talk and socialize with her to make it so she isn’t home before they come to get her.*

it was about 2 miles home for her to get from home to school. And she always dreaded walking. Not just dreaded it but she really hated it. Her parents for whatever reason couldn’t grasp the fact it was dangerous for her to walk home. They had made her walk to school almost her entire life, and at first it was better as an exercise and it was perfectly fine. Then in middle school when her bullying had gotten to its worst she joined U.P.S. also known as Underground Poet Society. U.P.S. was pretty much a group of about 20-30 high schoolers that who would go to random places and hold poetry slams, along with public venting in ways such as cutting and burning.

And in order to get to these random places they would travel through the wash. Which is the quickest rout to almost everywhere in the city. But traveling though the wash was also a huge risk. Since all of the U.P.S. kids traveled through the wash all the time they were always stepping in some minority territory. They became a really close tight nit family through of all of the fights that happened. But when people kept moving away, the family got smaller broke apart. Now if any of them travel through the wash they would get jumped by the people who thought it was their territory. And that’s why she never wanted to walk home. There was no sure chance she would get home before they found her traveling through the wash. And there was no sure chance she would be able to get away from them either.

*bree glances at her phone to check the time as she hops the fence next to the cement walls of the bridge that goes over the north side wash*

“1:17, lets see it takes me 40 minutes to get from here to home……….. hmmmmmm I should be able to get home in time if I walk quickly.”

*bree puts the phone in the front pocket of her hip hugger stretchy jeans and continues walking. Occasionally she uses her mp3 player like a mirror to look behind her checking to make sure everything was safe.*

no matter how much of a rush bree was in she would always stop to admire the plants and trees in the wash. She always tried to make sure she had about 5 minutes to do so. She would always stop to pick up trash and to take pictures. She would get as close as she possibly could to whatever plant or bug or pretty thing she happends to have seen and tries to catch it just right to bring out all of the beauty she can from it. It was the most she could do to feel even close to at home. What she considered her real home. Nature was one of the few places in the world she felt safe. Even when she was in her room she never felt safe.

That’s why she always thought that part of her was a faery because of how she felt while camping, or in some pure part of nature, like the forests, or deserts, or beaches and lake sides that are barely touched. That’s where she always felt at home. The shame is that she is stuck here in this city for the most part. So she does everything she can to keep nature near her soul. And anyone who see’s her in her natural element would agree that she is peaceful and natural in those environments.

This is normally what her mind tends to think about whenever she goes through this wash. She’ll hop into the wash and take off her shoes and hike up the legs of her pants and think of the ocean and how it feels when the sand hugs her toes. She’ll look to her left and see the trees that grow wild and stand like saplings standing strong next to their parents. this is the time she doesn’t really think. Instead, she sees pictures and puts herself into her own world full of green and fresh air. The sound of someone walking in the sand behind her ripped her mind away from these happy images. She took out her mp3 player to use the screen as a mirror and she saw that there is more than one person trailing her. She turns down the volume of her music and changes the music from happy hardcore to emo rock and starts focusing on the situation at hand*

*bree counts the number of people in her head*
“1..2…3….6…. and another coming from one of the sides. Shit. They’re out early today. Okay, think your way though this, no panicking. You are about a blocks distance from the last wash bridge. That’s about a 2 minute sprint. From there home is a 20 minute walk, so a 10 minute sprint. If they follow I will have to use back streets till they stop the chase, so more like 20 minute sprint. Lets see, the biggest guy there is on the far right. The guy 2nd from the left is the leader, he is the one egging them on. What the hell…. Black bandana’s, west side kids, wait….. what the fuck are west side kids doing here?? This is north side, this is supposed to be a neutral wash! Whatever I can figure all that out later. Soon as all of them are together I should be able to bolt into the trees next to the bridge, they look like they are going to either follow me or split. If they split I can use lower numbers to my advantage and defend myself enough that I can run. And that should slow them down enough to the point where I can get far enough away.”

Whenever she would run into them this was exactly how she would think. In fact whenever she was in a any situation like this, this was how she thought. She was great at escaping this kind of thing. She didn’t succeed every time but she always studied her opponents. And she was good at recognizing people by the way they move. That was one of the few benefits she got from all of her martial arts training as a kid. When she was 4 till she was 16 she was taught to analize her opponents and find ways to take them down.

*bree continues walking for another minute or so till the guy that was straying joined the group. Then when she got about 10 yards from the trees she bolted. The people behind her followed in quick succession. And she exectuted her plan to run through the group of trees and it worked.*

they split up and some met her at the other side of the trees and some ran into the trees after her. She felt bad for all of the flowers they were crushing but she knew she would be back later tonight to try to help fix it. She made special care not to run as fast as she could. The guys that followed her ended up tripping over branches and random pieces of trash and she got away from them. She made sure to pay attention to the guys who ran around the trees. She pretended like she didn’t know they were there on the other side of the trees and she had a last twinge of fear and then nothing. Her body went numb, her emotions stopped, her mind was clear, no more thinking was needed, she was cornered and was now going off of instinct. And so with one deep breath she ran though the trees straight into the group of 3 that decided to go around.

The three that had decided to go around was the leader and his 2 bigger guys. She noticed the biggest of the 3 guys had on an ankle support so she took him out first. A fake jab to his gut and a well aimed leg sweep that hit straight for right below his knee. As he was falling she came up from her spin and slammed his head into the cement rise that led to the street and finished him out by stomping on his ankle. She then took off towards the next closest guy who was the 2nd back up. He wasn’t injured but he was stunned by what he saw and she took full advantage of it. She made a B line for him, jumped high enough to where she was at the level of his face and cracked his cheek bone with her elbow and he fell like a dead weight to the ground.

Then slowly she turned toward the leader.

*in a dead tone of voice*
BREE: “why are you here? You are west side, this is north side. This is a neutral wash.”

*he takes off his black bandana showing his dark brown short cut hair*
LEADER: “we’re looking for a dumb ass that steped over bounds.”

*her tone still dead*
BREE:“no your not. The fact that you stepped over your bounds says otherwise. You are now in a neutral territory. This wash is well out of your way. Call off the other dumb asses before they get through the trees or I’ll do the same to them.”

With out skipping a beat the leader held up his bandana and gave the signal to stop with a high pitched wistle and then the sound that was coming from the tree’s stopped.

“Now, if you ever come here looking for a fight again, I will not leave any of you standing. I’m not a spineless little girl. It took me less than 30 seconds to do all of this. Next time I wont be alone and I wont be nice. Get the fuck out.”

And as if on cue they bolted away like gazelle being chased by the fear of death. She unfortunately, couldn’t just turn off her numbness. She walked blankly home for about 20 minutes, just walking in the bike lane, feeling the woosh of the cars that drove by. She didn’t like feeling numb but she couldn’t help it. Whenever she got cornered like that it happened. And it takes her a while to recover from it. If she is lucky she’ll be fine by the time she gets home.

Not once does she take out her camera to take pictures. But about a block away from home she starts being able to feel again. And she choses to embrace it at try to be herfelf again. But she gets overwhelmed by depression as she reaches for the key for her front door.

the kitten stories (chapter 4, walking)

Created: Apr 28, 2010


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