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To all:


I am a very supportive person by nature, and will scan the 'browse' section for hours on end looking for talented people who don't get hits or hearts or features. I am a person who hasn't been featured, and quite honestly, I think being 'featured' is overrated. It gives some people the idea that if they are never featured, that they are not talented, which in most cases, is not the truth. And being featured can inflate someone's ego, especially if they are the type to easily become cocky. Then they look down at others and put themselves on a pedestal.


 I believe that we are equal to each other in all ways. We all come from different parts of the world, and come together and this site and kick ass with our abilities. Honestly, Joe's groupies annoy me. I absolutely adore Joe, but I didn't come here to stalk him. I came here to write and meet others like me. We each are different and unique, which ties us together like a family.


So, I was wondering:

1) Why don't we have like a party? Not Fall Formal, but something free that we all go to and hang out with each other? Collaborate in person and such?

2) We need forums or a private message button. Why isn't there one? What if we don't want to put our private info in front of God and everyone? There is no option for that.


Sorry for going on for so long, but I have seriously been biting my tongue.


PS,: Why do people (You know who the **** you are) have to hate on each other? This is a family to me in some ways and it pisses me off that people say hateful things and contribute NOTHING useful. Just STFU!

PSS:  We need more unbiased curators. Curators will pick only what they like, not the general public. We need people that will be objective and not just people they like specifically. Sorry, but it's true. People are biased here. And some talent that is featured is just smoke and mirrors, not the real deal. And the vids that Joe posts should not be featured. That is for us (if it stays, i Hope it doesn't), and not for public announcements. If we want public announcements, we should have a page for that.


Created: May 24, 2012


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