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You’re my match, but you’ve struck out,

A wasted journey, no shadow of doubt.

Your personality's changed, you say I’m flawed.

Pick up the phone, irony’s called.

You sit, you sit and debate me; I question how long did, did you hate me?


You're colder than ice, but you’re not cool,

I played the jester, but you’re the fool.

You’re my mirror, the reflection's mauled,

The cracks are showing, the shatters applaud.

I got to know, got to know you lately; my knowledge of you increased, increased greatly.


You break the rules, when it suits you,

You fiddle the deck, we both know it's true.

You fake a smile, with the people you meet,

In the game of life, you clearly cheat.

You play with the hearts, the hearts of the pack; well now I know, know to watch my back.


In biblical terms, you’re the snake in the grass,

Tempting me daily, this time I’ll pass.

Like an apple you are, rotten to the core,

You walk over people, like they’re the floor.

It was fun but the game, the game has ended, the board is broken and can never, never be mended.

Created: May 22, 2012

Tags: alex jackson, visidual, alexjacksonuk

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