Soul & Serotonin

By Joe

I love pixel pilgrim's song. I added some drums. There's a lot of excellent sing-along moments. Anybody frisky enough to give it a go? Also, I find the whole thing très cinématique, so who's got some visuals for us?

Overnight tonight, I'll upload a zip of all the stems/resources/ProTools files, etc. (YIKES! the tech problems grow and my shit's erased! unless some miraculous recovery happens, the files no longer exist! Well, I guess I'll just have to play these drums again. It'll be better the second go-around) This could definitely use a better mix, ahem...

I wanted to add more stuff (bass especially) but, surprise surprise, i'm having troubles with the ol' REC Room rig, and at this point it crashes when I add anything new to the project? :o/

Also worth noting that I generally like to encourage everyone to record themselves on video when playing music. You just never know when that visual element might come in handy. I did not do that here, partially out of tech frustration, and mostly because my soul really just couldn't wait to play the drums already :o)

Soul & Serotonin

Created: Apr 26, 2010

Tags: love, organic, song, romance, love song

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