Broken Hearts

By The New-Age Thinker

I fell in love, once.
With a broken heart…
It had fallen through the cracks
Of my stone-faced façade,
And managed to find
The bloody, fleshy companion
She had chased for so long.
And when her heart touched mine,
I died.
For my heart, fleshy and red,
Gave his life to the cold,
Hard heart that captured
My attention.
And so my heart grew cold,
As I gave everything to make
Her heart new.
I loved ever crack it had.
I loved every break in its perfection.
I longed to mend that broken heart,
So as to make it mine forever.
And now…
Now that that heart is gone,
My heart has become the cold,
Broken heart
That you seem to love.

Broken Hearts

Created: Apr 26, 2010


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