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It's 1:42 p.m. You hurry to the airport and make tracks, along the way. You’re running late, they’re deathly afraid. Americans are in fear and trembling. What is the distinction? How do they differentiate? You’re a follower of Islam. You’re still blamed for what radical Islamo-fascists have done. You just wanted to visit, a distant relative. You have no intentions of hijacking this plane. Slitting the pilot’s throats with a boxcutter. Demolishing air traffic control and the landing field. Who said that frequently flying is life-threatening? Hold your breath, this isn’t a god damn excursion. You’re harried and detained. Before walking in the terminal. Strictly enforced Safety measures. The Transportation Security Administration is only here to help. No protest rally only racial profiling. American commuters march through metal detectors. X-rays scan the baggage, it sounds an alarm. There is no bomb and no one to be harmed. This unease will pass through a filter. The end result is violence from the exhaustion. I will never leave my luggage, unattended. Before I leave my country. Intolerance must be abolished from our outlook. An unnatural occurrence in an unhinged state. I’m weakened by the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response poison. There won’t be a conversion when I’m on my death bed. Is there any time left?

Created: May 20, 2012


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