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What do you like to eat at night?

I love eating oranges before bed. And coconut drops! YUM

Have you ever spent a whole day searching for the best of what you love?

One time, I took a cab to every restaurant and cafe in London to find the tastiest creme brulee! All day. Up and down. Searching for my high.

I could have sworn it was the same cab every time.

But anyways, he asked me what I was running from. That’s a silly question…Aren’t we all running away from something? What made me so special to answer?

I have my secrets, don’t you too?

So I found this little cafe that served the most wicked creme brulee, ever! But it’s a little secret. I’m sure you can find your own too!

I have this friend, he's really cool, but whenever he says creme brulee he pronounces it like this...''CREME BROOOEHLEEEEE!'' With such excitement!
I realized that day that I may not actually like the dessert much at all…

Maybe I still do. I don’t know…I’ve forgotten.

I guess I have to try it again…

But I can’t…

I can’t go back.

So there’s this box that my grandmother has and it’s full of ring boxes. Lots and lots of ring boxes. Every single box protected a single diamond ring. So pretty. I’ve asked her where they come from…She said…

'They’re all from the man who kept breaking my heart.'

That’s wrong….

Created: Apr 26, 2010


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