Bat Blog 3

By ktbt

Monday, October 19, 2009

i've said it before and i'll say it again.
"gradually, and then suddenly."
pairs until there's no one there.
the past is the present. in an instant,
no more chamomile eyes or wandering men.
immediately alone in a city that's only going to get colder.
reaching high, building tunnels. vacuum streets and time. trying to make yourself scarce,
and succeeding far too easily.
if it's all so dynamic why do i search out the static?
and why does it prove me wrong when i abandon my safety harness?
warmth drove us to the roofs of buildings.
falling stars brought us to the edge of the water.
haunted boats brought us into bed.
back-stage passes brought us unfounded jealousy.
miles away brought us closer together.

arriving home is getting us nowhere,
i'm getting nowhere in my books, or my papers or my studies.
always off timing, don't understand this pedestal bullshit.
it's happened before and it's happening again.

secret societies don't stay secret.
no action within distance,
only grade-school colloquialisms:
judgements (really truths).

but congratulations in proving everyone right and wrong at the exact same time.
everyone's a liar and i've done the same thing that's being done to me.
but the way things break doesn't ever feel the same.
same cities different mysteries--actually you're not a mystery at all.
initiating avoidance.
summer time isn't real,

Bat Blog 3

Created: Apr 26, 2010


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