hitRECorder badge (front)

By InkedCanvas

this is how i did it… but to each their own :)
Security image on button – soft light, 82% opacity, simple pillow emboss
Portrait – corners are rounded with a smooth radius of 5 pixels
all text is done in Arial (faux bold) *true hR text is Helvetica but i don’t have it*
Title –18pt. color- E5E3DD
Last name (in all caps)- 20pt. color- E5E3DD
First name (in all caps)-18pt. color- E5E3DD
ID numbers (initials in lowercase followed by start date DDMMYY)- 12pt. color- 7F7D7B
this will be included in a zip file, along with a blank back of the badge (without the clip hole), a completed back of the badge (without the clip hole), a transparent layer of “REC” which I used as the very top layer (over portrait & text) to act like the security film on IDs, and… yeah, i guess that’s all that’ll be in there.
oh, and of course you don’t need to use your REAL name... happy RECording <3

hitRECorder badge (front)

Created: Apr 26, 2010

Tags: badge, awesome, card, id

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