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He was headed for the middle path on a bright and sunny day
when the diamonds caught his inner eye as he passed by Cartier.
Now he thought a bit of blingage couldn't hurt at all,
So he bought the largest diamond watch though his wrist was rather small.

Now this shocked the world as shocking things will do.
All religious leaders felt their pants fill up with poo.
Hindus were doubting reincarnation to the hilt.
Catholics were wondering upon who's bones they'd built.
Islamics were wondering if Mohammad was the one,
While Jews started thinking Jesus was the son.
Hare Krishnas stopped playing their tambourines at last,
And Puritans were seeking out a hedonistic blast.

Then one day it happened,
His wrist was unadorned.
His teacher asked him sharply,
With just a hint of scorn.

"Where are your diamonds Buddha?
What's with this wrist of gloom?"
"I left my diamond watch," He said.
"Back in my hotel room."

All was right with the world my friends,
The angels in heaven were singing.
The world was spinning on it's axis again,
Buddha's wrist was sans the blinging.

Created: May 18, 2012


kevinwatkins Document Media