dervish days

By Cait

I twirled like a whirling dervish
A spinning top on a lacquered surface
My heart raced my mind and jumped from my mouth

Slip slide shoot
And I’m gone
Shoot shout smile
And we’re there

You took my hand and confessed
I laughed and wondered why I always ended up with you

I smoked that stranger’s gift and talked to the moon
He sang me lullaby nighttimes and nightmares and I lay down
Curled up on a watchtower and waited for someone to come looking
I watched my hands melt into the wood and turn indigo
A river that dripped down that led you back to me

I took your hand and confessed
You laughed and took me to bed
I always ended up with you

My sheets are new now and known not to you
I know the world a bit better now and you a little less
My indigo river spilt into two and I swam down the more interesting one
My head is heavy
the world is real and beautiful
But I don’t seem to twirl as much without my silly dervish

dervish days

Created: Apr 25, 2010


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