A New Beginning

By psygnius

How long is time?
I want to see
The beginning of history.
I want to remember
the memories of forgotten.
I want to change
the wrongs and make them rights.
I want to hear
an echo of the past.

Will my voice reach
the other side of that door?
It can't.
Forgotten memories
are buried for a reason.
The wrongs committed
cannot be undone.
The echo will eventually
fade to silence.

The past has been written.
And I am at
the end of an era.
I will create
new eternal memories.
I will learn
to right my foolish mistakes.
I will call out
when the time is right

Because I am standing here
in the present.
And you are still in the past
I can't take this step back,
but you can step forward.
I will still be here waiting...
Because I am at
the end of this history,
and the end is a new beginning.
So take my hand, let us start
The Beginning Of Our History...

A New Beginning

Created: Apr 25, 2010


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