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My eyes slowly break open into a morning lit room, my bedroom. I lay there a few minutes in tranquillity before leaving the bed unattended. It’s a Saturday and as usual, I use the time I have spare to see my three friends, Lucy, Harry and Duncan. It had been another hard week of work for a ten year old like me, and as I get older I know it’s only going to get harder.
It’s an odd place living in Goliath City. Everyone tells me it’s nothing like any city outside it. Natives who hold the genes and DNA from the Goliath City founders hold special inflamed cells. These cells result in mysterious variations between Goliath natives and tourists from other cities. Since one of my Mother’s ancestors was renowned to be one of the few founders of the city, my family share special genes which can spark and give birth to certain abilities; certain abilities which normal humans cannot perform.  Now I would sit here and tell you that all of this is one big historical lie to keep faith within the big city, but it’s really not.  My three friends all carry mutated genes and all have extraordinary abilities.  It doesn’t make me jealous, just irritated to the bone of having to work on the peasant sector.  If you’re fortunate enough to carry mutation, however, you’re able to join the hero sector, where you earn money for performing duties that are at ease with your powers. A cruel law in a cruel city, but with the crime shooting up and money on its biggest draught of the century, the payments to the peasant sector had to take a big cut to provide money to the expensive hero contracts.

I rush out of my concrete building and down to the city villa. A place what seems to be the final reservation on the whole planet. Full of shades of green I never see anywhere, but here,  dashing water features that run along the fields like roller coasters  and the exotic plants; all probably endangered that spread widely across a field. I follow my usual route towards a metal bench situated amongst some overgrown trees that darken three seated silhouettes. I hurry my pace to discover my three friends already waiting for me at our meeting place.
 “TIMMM!” they all scream at me as I come closer to the small gathering. Lucy is first to hug me, she is a sweet girl the same age as me, her hair is golden blonde like the very edge of the sun. Her clothes are all red resembling her hero sector. The hero sector is divided into another four sectors depending on your ability; you work with people of the same ability to help each other out in specific areas and situations.  The red sector, including Lucy, are all flighters, humans with the cells to fly and to maintain air.
Harry disappears into the darkness of the trees in a flash. The tree shakes from above as I see Harry in his ivory suit looking down at me from a branch. Harry is a skilled lurker who holds the useful ability of teleportation. The lurkers from the green sector work together with the yellow sector’s super strong humans called smashers. And then there’s Duncan, a jetter from a family which was once very poor until Duncan’s blue sector genes kicked in. Jetters have the power to run as fast as a moving bullet. Once when I was walking home from a shift at the mines I managed to catch a jetter sprinting up one of the tallest buildings in the city, it kept me wondering at night how amazing it must feel to be able to do something like that. I mustn’t keep thinking about the lack of effect I make on the city, but it’s all that can cross my mind when I’m with my friends.

Where is my place in this supernatural world? Why should I have to suffer hard labour as others like my friends fight for the cities safety and claim all glory that is left? I must have a meaning, everything does right? What would be the point of this long enduring life, full of suffering, if there wasn’t that goal, that meaning to the end of it?

I wonder through the thick fields ahead. Lucy floats above as always, having been able to fly for so long has given her an odd case of ground nausea. The other two start to dash in front of me using their powers to speed and teleport out of sight. The city try to keep an upright law in place throughout the city, people with powers can be easily fined by using them incorrectly. Coming to the field in the weekends gives my three friends the opportunity to do what they want I guess.  Our usual weekend adventures usually end up with an escorted police drive back to our homes, but this time I feel something different, I don’t actually feel like causing mischief today. Not this time.
I hurry through the grass to catch up with the others just as I start to feel some unfelt rush through my skin. It begins at my brain then blasts its way through my skin. I can feel this tingle all over me now. I hold my hand up to my face. The contours of my skin start to expand like roots and my eyes start to go numb from the sight of my skin drastically changing. Before I know it the world around me is changing. The long vibrant grass that once stood above is now pashing me by in a flash. Not even a second has passed when I arrive standing somewhere, defenceless from the strong winds.

I’m standing at one of the tallest buildings of the city, the power station. My feet are as close as the edge as they can get before falling to my death. I’m panicking, hands full of sweat. I look over my shoulder. There, behind me, stand my three friends, however not so young anymore. All matured and much older. I hold my hands up to my dizzied eyes, I too am older.
Down upon the busy streets of Goliath city dozens of cars stream past like thunder bolts. I tighten my eyes and notice a large lorry speeding dangerously past the traffic towards us. “IT’S AN ATTACK ON THE POWER STATION!” screams Harry, my ears barely making out what he says. Before I can make sense of the situation my friends, full of their respective sector’s colour, charge away off the building. Duncan being a Jetter tears down the edge of the building, something I thought I would never see again. He’s heading for the darkened lorry, attempting to meet it half way. I can only stand and watch.
Lucy is in flight also heading for the mysterious lorry. An attack like this on the power station would cause preposterous damage to the city. Who knows what is hiding inside the back of that lorry, in fact I’d rather not know, because I know I’ll still be able to do nothing. I’m stationary. The lorry speeds closer and closer towards the building that is only under my feet. Duncan, at full speed, launches through the front window, crashing into the passenger. The two struggle as they both attempt to end each other’s lives. I can only watch as the driver pulls out a handgun and shoots a clear hole through Duncan’s head. Not so fast now, even he couldn’t dodge that. Harry appears out of nowhere in-between the two gang members, he kicks the passenger out of the car like an old toy and quickly turns to the driver. He tugs on the driver’s wheel as he tries to steer the machine from its innocent target. Lucy lands on the top of the lorry trying to enter from the back and retrieve whatever kind of explosives are inside.    

What the hell can I do? For my whole life I have been told lies of my heritance and DNA, I have no special cells, I have no special anything, I am truly super nothing!

Sharp pains find their way through to my brain. The same pain as before. What is this? My eyes flicker, I feel like a walking slot machine. It’s too late, I’ve taken a step and my feet have found no ground to follow. What a pathetic excuse for a super hero. Darkness.

I can still feel my heartbeat thumping against my ribs. I’m not dead. But where am I? On the count of three, I’ll wake up and it’ll just be a dream, I’ve just fallen asleep at the mines, that’s all. ONE......TWO.......THREE........

My eyes slowly break open into a morning lit room, yet this room is not so familiar, Or is it? I look around, there sitting beside me are three toddlers. I notice a green, red and blue nappy. My friends are all young again, but so am I. I have just seen into the dreaded darkened future of Goliath city. So much is on my tiny hands right now, but at least I have years to prepare myself.

Created: May 17, 2012


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