Get Back Up - Art RE-view

By MattConley

Here is my Art RE-view of HarperHippie's Tiny Story "Get Back Up."

What I liked best about this was it forces the reader to create the characters. We have to imagine what they look like and, more importantly, how they look at one another. There's a lot to imagine with this short piece and I was really affected by how the mother replied to the daughter. It spoke volumes about their relationship, and that really intrigued me.

Life is full of moments where we learn lessons, or themes. This only comes from experience and curiosity. And every so often we have some of the key elements of life summarized as eloquently as this.

Get Back Up - Art RE-view

Created: Apr 25, 2010

Tags: read, harperhippie, collaboration, tiny story, edit, wirrow, talking, tiny stories, mattconley, misterb, piece, matt, lessons, speaking, written, discuss, camera, conversation, words, old fashioned, learn, poem, moral, poetry, discussion, lesson, matt conley, theme, review, learned, edited, eloquent, thematic, beautiful, collab, record, re-view, writing, collection, reading

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