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I hate Math

Well Algebra's okay

I hate Sabbath

Going to church is a pain


You think you're special

Well you are in God's own way

You think you're cool

Well I don't know about that!

(Since I'm a nerd, I even researched it to no avail)


You think you're beautiful

Well you are symmetrical

But so are birds and cranes

Which is a bird

And dogs like great dames

Enough of this nonsensical

Lyrics devoted to you <blrrrrt> ;P


M equals y plus x over b

That's the formula of a slope

Nothing I just felt like saying that

It makes me feel less like a dope

And you're even way smarter than me...

Ugh! Wait that's a compliment!


Anyway, the point is I hate you

So die already!



Created: May 17, 2012


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