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I can feel myself shrinking down

Just like Alice in her wonderland

But through the bright colors I can see

That there is no mad hatter here for me

I look to the table all ready for tea;

“Come quick and sit” they call hastily  

I'm much too late to be where I'm found;

So the arm on the face is telling me now

These cards are divided each to their own

And in the middle I stand, myself all alone

The Queen of Hearts is a bitter one

Taking from each what she's jealous of

And I find it hard to look out and see

Love on the face of the my enemy

So I do what I must, what is asked of me;

Lay my life down and declare myself free

My fate was decided; all things to come set

Unrevealed victory until each step I met

And just like Alice the courage I have

Isn't decided by the height that I stand

I find in myself in this world set apart

Not by my stature but by measure of heart

The jealous and lies once present here

Both now under words that cast out all fear

So set for goodbye I tell them all

Through labored breath as I slow to stall

How I long to go and I long to stay

But I know it's not home as I am called away

Now to myself I close my eyes tired

And I pray for faith and the mind of a child

To hold to a place others can't see 

And remember like Alice not all’s, as it seems

Created: May 17, 2012


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