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The thing about fairy tales is that they always start with these tragic tales of woe. A stolen infant, a wandering child, a girl loses everything, a maiden locked in a tower. All of them fighting against forces of the world, victim to an evil villian, with nothing to empower them but the hope of…love? Yes, love conquers all. We’re spoon fed these ideas before we’re even able to comprehend the meaning and complexity of this word. Would millions of young hearts be as crushed if we weren’t taught that one day our prince would come? Would we all be so prone to jump into relationships and marriages if Harry didn’t tell Sally, “When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with you want the rest of your life to start right now”? Would William Shakespeare and Jane Austen still write their masterpieces if they knew the havok that would be caused on the hearts of the desperately in love for centuries to come? Were they simply vessels that were so burdened under loves heavy foot that they sank to the bottom of the sea? Slowly leaking out this toxicity until it washed up on shore covering everything with it’s sappy gooeyness? I will be the first to admit that I am the worst of them all. I’ve sat for hours reading Pride and Prejudice. Then watching the movie directly after I finish it. The A&E version with Collin Firth and the recent version with Kiera Knightley. Both are exquisit. I’ve cried with Carrie Bradshaw in season 4 of Sex and the City when Big chooses the simple girl over the Katie girl. All the while thinking to myself, I’ve so been there Carrie. I’ve seen the notebook more times than I can count. I can quote Romeo and Juliet to a tee. 500 Days of Summer is the story of my life. And I’ve seen every Disney movie ever made just to bask in the glow of happily ever after. The thing about me is that my life never started with a tragic tale of woe. I wasn’t a stolen infant, I was adopted. The only wandering I did as a child was through the woods with my father when we’d go on adventures. The worst thing I ever lost was my virginity. And the only tower I was ever locked in was the one I purposely sat in. I can say that I can relate to the feeling of fighting the forces of the world. It’s called trying to pay bills in a way that my bank account never overdrafts before my next paycheck comes in. As for villians. I’ve fell victim to some. And I’ve also played the role. I’ve had my heart bruised, smashed, split apart, torn to shreads, shit on and shattered. And I’ve done the same to a few. I’ve had relationships that empowered me and depleted me. In the end, though, they all ended…unhappily ever after. Until one sunny day in May three years ago, I was reintroduced to a man of 26 that I had first met when he was a boy of six. And I suddenly just knew, that every heartbreak I had ever endured, every commitment I couldn’t make to anyone else, every disapointment, every doubt I had about past relationships, every broken promise, were all meant to be. So then he wisked me away to his castle and we lived happily ever after…or, at least living happily.

Created: May 16, 2012


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