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numbers rule

By moonbug

Number 1 has requested that Number 5 stop walking on his hands as it causes him to resemble Number 2, which is creating a lot of confusion for everyone.

Number 2, quite pleased with this announcement, sat quietly… for a moment.

Hey! Stop tickling me!, Number 2 said to Number 3.

I’m not tickling you! It’s just that Number 4 keeps elbowing me!

Four, exasperated, Well, if Number 5 would hold still!

Number 6, winking at 9, said, I’m standing on my head right now!

In fact me and Number 9… I mean, 6, have been trading places for years and no one has ever noticed!

NO! I’m Number 9!, Nine said… looking a little confused.

What about me?, the Zero asked. Does anyone mind if I stand on my head?

Oh, don’t be silly, Number 1 said, you’re not really a number.

This really upset Zero who threatened to leave altogether.

NO! NO! All the numbers cried, You can’t go, we NEED you!

They were all in a terrible panic.

Except for Number 7, who was prone to sarcasm and couldn’t help but say,

Yeah, Zero, we’d REALLY miss you if you weren’t around!

This caused Number 8, who was this silliest of all the numbers, to start giggling uncontrollably.

Hey! Look at me! I’m standing on my head too!

Eight laughed and laughed and kept doing back flips until she lost control and landed on her side.

Get up! Get up! Number 1 barked, If you don’t get up right now, there will be no need for any of us!

numbers rule

Created: Apr 24, 2010


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