Idea for illustration of tiny story The right shoe

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The right shoe left,

Knowing the left shoe was right.


This is an idea for illustration for tiny story - the right shoe. It’s just an idea, I’m not very good at making an illustration look actually presentable. I will explain my idea( if everyone ignore grammar and spelling mistakes that maybe appear :).


Unbelievable as it is, that red thing in upper part of a sketch is a shoe that is leaving, from behind.


So, this tiny story in this context would be a metaphor.

The right shoe (not the shoe for the right foot, just the shoe that is right one when a pair of 2 exactly same shoes are in question) is leaving, and the other red shoe is with green shoe, the left one (for the left foot)and they are right for each other. The red shoe left because the green left shoe was right one for the other red shoe.


The illustration can also show 2 left shoes, so that actually the right shoe is leaving, but the idea is same.


I’m aware of the fact that the phrase is that someone is the right one for someone, not just that someone is right, like in this tiny story.. But it can inspire someone in some way.. maybe..

Created: May 15, 2012


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