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A little girl was watering her little flowers in the garden. Then she saw the black rain pouring.

She ran into the house and said to her mother.

"Mommmy, mommy. The black rain is pouring!"

Her mom didn't look at her, saying,

"There is no black rain. Go outside and play. Mommy is busy."

Then she went to her father in her hurry.

"Daddy, daddy. The black rain is pouring. I am afraid."

Her father, with a frowning look, said.

"No. The black rain cannot be pouring. Go play. I'm busy."

The little girl got really scared and wanted to protect her flowers. She brought her tiny umbrella outside. She lifted it up high.

The black rain kept coming down. And it melted her umbrella and her little flowers. And her, too.



Created: May 15, 2012

Tags: tiny story, black rain

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