Last Breath, A Little Death

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I blink hard at the light shining in my eyes. My wounds are healing by your touch and your hand guides me along. The dark of my past is long behind me and as we talk together, the only thing I feel is joy and excitement for what my future holds. Transgressions are forgiven and my sorrow lies at my feet; melting away and flowing into the river flowing beside me. I don’t feel afraid. I feel strong and confident. I hear your voice – soft and soothing – telling me everything will be okay. The time has come and I don’t need to wait any longer.

I hear distant talking but I don’t try to listen. It doesn’t involve me anymore. My body is a memory; a shell that no longer contains me. Time and space no longer exist – the recollection of such things fade and ebb away. You pull me toward you and I finally feel your arms around me. I linger in your embrace; wanting to relish every second of a moment I’ve desired for so long. I brush your lips with my fingertips and my eyes stare into your eyes. Everything becomes clear. Your breath is my breath. Your blood is my blood. Your heart is my heart. My breath is your breath. My blood is your blood. My heart is your heart.

At last.

Created: May 14, 2012


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