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OK when I last left off, Robert Dracar D'oh'tarryn Bloodtear (thats his name forgot to tell you but from now on just BOB ok??) was telling me about how he was a hupire. In case you forgot he snuck into my bedroom and we did it and he left his scarf, then he was a rock star and we went to a hotel and did it again and he said he was a hupire, so.


After that I needed time to think.


Well then a couple days went by and I was deep in thought in my mansion befitting my beauty. How could I cope w/ this? And what did a hupire actually do aside from be a rock star and and have sex with me and be hott? Did he kill people..... or was he good or what?


I texted him and send him a piccie of me w/ the camera going down the front of my silken dress so he could see my creamy bosoms which were like 2 vanilla ice creams with cherries on top (minus the stems)


A second later my phone rang (his ring tone is SEXYBACK lol)


I said Hey whats up.


"Celestinia my love I long for you" he said. "You sent me such a proactive pic of u. My desire is off the hook right now b/c of your milky smooth boobs and perky nips."


'Aww thanks, come over we have to talk."




In a couple of minutes he puled into my exquisite driveway surrounded by roses befitting my beauty in his car which was a black (wait let me google some really hot cars) okay, a brand new black lamberginni.


We went outside and strolled passonately thru my garden of flowers that bloom at nite. The moonbeans lit up my hair setting it aflame. (Not that it was on fire but I had really good hilites).


Bob turn to me with flashing eyes and says: "I can no longer be w/ you my love..... I am nothing but a scoundrel and a rouge. I will be ur rune and I will take your innocence....... and you will become unpure."


I said "I mean like we already did it. Soooooooo......"


He shit me a deep and meaningful glance. "No you dont understand. I suck hard on the straw of life and drink deeply the torrid deluge of imperishability."


"Do you suck ppls blood is what ur trying to say?"


His deep mescaline voice was like the growl of a wolf... a wolf of desire when he said, "YES. But my darling it is far worse then that. There are bad guys, ppl of evil intent who are jealous of my hotness and my band and my car. Soon bad guys are gonna come after me and you will be in danger."


"I dont care I still want to do you."




He grabbed me by my sleek lithe slender waiflike waste and pulled me against his bulging pecs and other muscles and also his junk. I thought we were gonna make out but instead he pointed to the scarf entwined around my slender tubelike neck and said.....


"You must always wear this scarf.... The scarf of protection..... it has the magic of my people, the mystic magic of the far east."


"You mean like China?"


"No Long Island"


Suddenly my lions were lit afire with a blowtorch of passion. My tatas were heaving with desire like ships on the waves of an ocean of lust.


I tore at his black silk shirt making buttons go everywhere!! I was starting take off my own form fitting dress which clung to my lurid curves because I was pretty sure we were gonna do it.


(There was never any bugs in my garden or anything so I never had to worry about bugs going near my cooch or anything lol)


But alass me and him getting busy was not tonite's destiny. For another voice called out thru my garden, a voice tingled w/ hatred and the villest of evil and jealousy! The voice said..........




Bob was like "oh my god its the bad guys"


sure enough some people dressed in black came into my garden they wre riding hores w/red eyes and they had wooden steaks and there eyes glowed w/jealousy, jealous of my beauty and of our shared passion which they could never have and also they had capes. I dident know what to do!!!


But then Bob took out his sword (not a metaphor)


"CELETSINIA STAND BACK!!! I will battle these bad guys!!!"


The bad guy's encroached upon us! Maybe we were gonna die.....









LOL no but here's part 4: 

Created: May 13, 2012

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