Anatomy of Me...Jen

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My hair is like a Gold Hydrangea. Soft and feathery. It can look gold or auburn depending on how the light reflects off my wavy locks. 

My brain is like a Daisy. You may assume that the Daisy consists of just two parts, however each petal is actually a flower. Seemingly simple, yet complex. 

My heart is like a Double Delight Rose. A dependable flower who's color blossoms when its in warm surroundings. I blossom around warm people.  

My eyes are like Hibiscus flowers. They have the ability to change color when they please. Deep and dark one day and light and hazel the next. 

My lips are like Red pillowy Tulips. Soft, and kissable to the ones I love.(my cat) 

My arms are like Vines. Long and attached to the things I adore and need. I hold on dearly to them.

My legs are like Tortured Willow branches. Small, fragile, and yet curvy. Ready to go anywhere they can take me. 

My soul is like a Wildflower. A free spirit, who embraces growth and change. Im forever a Wildflower.....



Created: May 12, 2012


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