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Sometimes you look over your life and it feels like you're living someone else's life: it couldn't be you feeling this pain, it couldn't been you making the wrong decision, choosing the wrong person. No. It has to be a movie. It has to be someone else.

But it's you.

Life may turn itself around so quickly that one day you realise you've reached a certain age at which you had always imagined that you'd have achieved more and be happier. But here you are - single, without any fortune, education or career. Fighting for your success and dreams is slowly tiring you and you begin to think its time to give up and just try to be happy. But happiness comes from achieving our dreams, being loved and fighting for our dreams. If we give up those, what is supposed to make us happy?

People around you would always say to you that there is time, that they love you, that you're fine, you're great and fantastic. Does that mean anything to you when on the inside you know something is wrong, you know you didn't imagine life like this when you were a kid, and you know you're losing hope to change your life into the desired direction? 

There are things that you wish didn't happen to you, things that you wish you could change. And there is the thought that life will end for you one day and what if you led a miserable life? Being scared about that now doesn't help you improve either.  Everything is related and everything spins in a circle. Lots of thoughts, lots of questions. And who knows the answers?

Created: May 11, 2012

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