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by Tanja Katrin Lawhead

I traveled the world before I learned to speak.

When I spoke, I spoke of things I’d dream.

The Earth was my childhood friend

And all her creatures I had befriend

I ran through the wild lands

Forests green and fields grand

Climb mountains as easy as trees

Saw the world as it should be

Then returned to the heart of man

City noises and pavements blank

I saw broken people, stolen dreams

Empty beaten and battered things

I too was broken, I too was battered

My dreams were stolen and spirit scattered

Ventured into the darkest corner of my soul

Begged the Shadow Self to make me whole

It brought no joy only burning tears

Hurt cut deeper for eternal years

At the edge of darkness; My dream!

Untouched, pure hope it gleamed

From depths of Hades, I climbed

Clinging onto my gleaming light

I traveled the world and I learned to live.

When I lived, I lived my dream.

Created: May 11, 2012


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