As One - REmix

By MattConley

I REmixed TwistedThursday's "As One" Tiny Story into this short video. I edited some of the text a bit to fit the visuals I shot, so you'll notice it's slightly different than the REsource. What really drew me to this Tiny Story was that it really worked as a literal story (ice into water.) But I really feel that, symbolically, it speaks volumes about what some people feel about life and death - that we are reunited with those we love after this life. For the past day the story really stayed with me and it continues to affect me. I'm not really sure what TwistedThursday's original intention was with the piece (maybe literal, maybe a bit more symbolic) but what makes all art so important is that it is up to the viewer how it is interpreted. I hope TwistedThursday likes how I perceived her beautiful piece of writing.

As One - REmix

Created: Apr 22, 2010

Tags: afterlife, tiny story, melting, tiny, reflection, story, melt, short, window, film, instrumental, ice, icy, water, perceive, white, shape, blue, table, sky, as one, heart, spaceship, liquid, heaven, h20, stories, together, melted, forever, cube, death, life, symbolic, interpretation, poem, poetry, icicle, next, clouds, acoustic, guitar

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