Love is a Drug(Tiny Story)

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 Love...Love is feeling, a state of mind, an action. Scientists have done tests to prove that love is a drug causing extreme levels of dopamine to flow thru the blood stream thus creating a feeling of being high.Extreme cases of love may cause psychological damage in the brain. Murder can be a result in a spat between two lovers. Killing for love in my conscious is pure madness. Never loved or hated anyone that much to want to harm another human being, nor jeopardize my future. Not once have I described myself as someone who has an addictive personality either. While, cocaine binges have never been a part of my daily routine. Love has definitely played a major role in my life. A defying force that cant be denied. Bio-chemicals and hormones have controlled my decision making, actions and choice of words. Truth be told, I have been high for over 20 some years.....

Created: May 08, 2012


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