I see so many themes!

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The awesome illustration that was featured today ('Worlds') sent me into over-thinking mode. I ended up jotting down a dozen themes, which I couldn't roll into one tiny story, although I tried really hard. Here they are:


- the barrier between the two worlds looks like a silver lining;

- we live in two worlds (fantasy & reality) but only die in one of them;

- the world which we see as reflected is the world we do not believe in;

- while the mind & body live in one world, the spirit lives forever in the other;

- you can either live partially in both or fully in one...

- best of both worlds: living in one and dreaming of the other;

- reality is just a distorted reflection of fantasy, not vice versa;

- and the obvious one: how the world was intended vs. how it is;


And I bet there are tons more! Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts on this. :)

Created: May 07, 2012


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