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RE RECS Sunday 6, May 2012

Hello guys, its Sunday, so we all know that it’s time for RE RECS. I did my regular video, but I am not feeling good today, I had a lost in the family last Wednesday and I am not in the best mood right now and also I have a terrible headache since this morning, so I did my video with a lot of effort, but I am not going to be able to write an explanation and recommendation for each record that I am recommending today, sorry about that, but anyway I just want to let you know that I love every single record that is in this REC video, amazing music, fantastic illustrations, Brilliant Tiny Stories and awesome videos this week, please everyone check all this records and give hearts to them, they are all awesome, hope you like the video, HUGS!


  1. Ergo Hat by Marke

  2. Stargazing (A Tiny Story) by thedustdancestoo

  3. Ripples in the rock pools by bloemday

  4. I’m a Star by saintmaker

  5. Marriage: A Tiny Story by MattConley

  6. Flight of the foxes (Tiny Story) by DianeFT

  7. Rorschach people (Tiny Story) by Fractaldust

  8. Where I stand (Tiny Story Illustration 2) by Danah

  9. Flight of the foxes by wirror

  10. Red Girl by caroleluciole

  11. Making the landscape monster by Cam_4

  12. Record (Tiny Story) by Kubi

  13. Tiny Story – Amazing people by Toss

  14. A Civilized death (Tiny Illustration) by sojushots

  15. Jelly Babies Poster (Hitrecorderly issue 2) by supriyaheart

  16. Stiltwalkers by Lea Daniel

  17. Little Foxes by Metaphorest

  18. The Blue by Almost Sound

  19. Happily Unaware (A Tiny Film) by jcpeterson

  20. Rise – The music Video by CameronSmith

Another records used for this video:

-   Under the stars (V2) – Hitrecord logo bumper by Rawmotion

-   RE REC Spinning bumper by MattConley

Have a great week guys!!!!!!

Created: May 05, 2012


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