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1. What´s your favorite colour?

Honestly, I really like all colors, even the black and white.
For a long time, I preferred the blue - particularly, turquoise - and when I was a kid, my mother dressed my sister in blue and me in pink, so I have a special love for these two colors.

2. What´s your favorite food and dessert?

Fruits and fruits! Melon, watermelon, orange, banana, peach, mango... there are so much delicious fruits!

3. Do you have animals?

Not presently.

4. What would be the first thing you do, if Hitrecord starts a "Hitrecord Community Party"?

I'd like to see a concert of hitrecorders... and see the face of wirrow! ^^

5. What´s your favorite drink?

Fortunately, water.

6. What´s your favorite series on tv? (It doesn´t matter if the show is new or old)

Rome and Oz are particularly excellent.
Game of Thrones is very promising.
The Big Bang Theory makes me laugh.
And I think it's good to see Malcolm, one time least ;)


7. Have you ever been traumatized, shocked or impressed by a movie?

Yes, of course! by a lot of movies! :)
cf. Top 10 of favorite films for "Getting personnal" collab, plus some movies cited in my "Inflamed letter" ;)

Also, I was traumatized by a movie I never see (Chucky) - when I was child, I had to avoid the horror radius in the video store for not see his face - crap, it seems I always fear this damned doll.

8. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars, but I'm sure Star Trek is good :)

9. What would you do if you had 1.000$ ?

Voyage, voyage. Also, I'd like to buy dresses and art stuff, this kind of things.

10. What are your fears?

I fought many fears, but I have always this horrible fear of heights.
Also, a certain doll scares me again, sometimes.

11. What (famous) artist impressed you the most and affect your work?

River Phoenix, always him...

12. If you had one day off, in the middle of the week, what would you do?

Paint, I hope. Read. Take a ride, walk outside.

13. What´s your favorit season?

Summer. I want a sunny summer!

14. What disgusts you the most?

Snoring maybe.


BONUS Question

15. What was your last concert?

Mademoiselle K, I think. I have not attended many concerts.

16. Are you a great cooker or baker?

I'm a great cooker, but I prefer make a lot of stuff instead the cooking ;)

17. What do you do to help the enviroment?

I'm a discerning consummer - I pay attention in what I buy, and where.
I use my car only if it's absolutely necessary.

18. What song are you listening right now, or what song is on your mind right now?

"Star" of Joab Nevo, for a while! :)
Also, "Girls Like You" by The Naked And Famous.

19. What was your first CD you bought?

"OK Computer" - Radiohead.

20. What kind of music you heard, that has been embarrassing to you now?

None. I have very good musical tastes, I guarantee ;)

Created: May 04, 2012


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