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People warned me you were quite the breaker of hearts so I set my heart aside to be with you.


Lea Daniel’s drawings are so mesmerizing in detail, style and theme but it was The Sorrow Bird that sparked my interest to write this.  I think it speaks volumes to see the hollowed chest girl stand next to a companion holding what I can only assume to be is her heart.  I think the text & artwork work just fine together although I was originally imagining a more literal interpretation of the text.  Say, a couple sitting across each other at a table while holding hands.  They’d be engaged in an impenetrable gaze with bright smiles on their faces but the girl would have her chest carved out—hollow & bloody— and her heart would just be sitting beside her (contained in a jar or just on the table?).

Does this qualify as a Tiny Story? I have no idea (0_o) 

Created: May 04, 2012


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