"She, him, and her." #02

By yequay

[Not quite sure if this fits into the poem movie collab. It might not be the best subject matter, but there is a story behind it and its in some kind of intended rhythm and verse...]

"She, him, and her." #02: Hers, hers, and his.

Two children, three parents,
the number's not even.
What happened?

Who happened.

But why?

So after this couple of kids
Of Hers, Hers, and His.
Out of shame,
Out of fear,
Out of hope...

Secrets were made,
And they
Gave birth
To lies.

Two little ones now
Running around.
After this business
Of him and her,
Either she went back to him,
Or he came back from her
And she allowed him to stay.
Easy it was, this way,
Since there was no place to go,
While the half-brothers grew bigger
In those two glass houses, tiled in stone.

One house was hers,
While she owned the other.
Ten minutes away,
He lived
In both.
And painted the walls,
And answered all their calls,
In trying to please
Those mothers two.

As time grew older
Things multiplied:
Another kid
Of hers and his,
And me, the other
She had with him.
Small things got bigger,
And harder to hide:
Persons, Places, and things.

All was then shared,
And deals were made
To keep things

For reasons A, C, and B
This pact had been writ.
For her pride,
For some quiet,
For her spite,
And for his
Things would be kept...
For some time.

Now with the clock unwound,
The paint peeled,
And the stained glass scratched,
The sky is a deadened gray,
With a sandstorm on its way.

So in these basements we hide,
(Among soil, whispers we find./In neighboring soils we find)
(The heathen voices tell/Heathen whispers that tell)
Of saplings of truth on the rise,
Like weeds in a garden of lies.

[A revision of an older scribble. During the re-write it became further separated from "She, him, and her." Part 1, hence the division. I'm not sure if it is too ambiguous for the story to be translated. I was wondering if it can pass off as a separate piece with a little more revision, but also had an idea of telling a story in short segments using different styles and tones. Criticism and comments appreciated.]


Created: Apr 21, 2010

Tags: her, interior, part 2, poem, him, monologue, internal, she

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