A letter from Marty

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Dear Mom,

at first I have to thank you for the fruity balls, that were on the kitchen table, i had a lot of fun with playing!

Actually, hiding the tiny rabbit from the Tv Desk, was more fun, I'm curious, if you find it. You hide my stuff, so i hide your stuff, that´s the deal. I´m sorry for peeing on the nighty pillow during the thunderstorm, actually it was just a defense maneuver against Kitty.

And Mom? Do you think I can have one of those sausages from the last time? You know the ones you put on the kitchen table, I´m not sure, was something wrong with the last ones, cause you started to scream?!? Please tell me if I may have one.

Bite you

Your Marty

PS: Kitty is such a rat! She damaged the sponge, I promise!

Created: May 04, 2012


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