By Roman_Majors


Blending-in boy lost his crashing waves,
but didn’t care to calm.
It’s hard to unfurl your sail,
but let sea men help.
The blades grow close to
swashbuckle your swizzy strands.
amongst moments of miraculous clarity.
An ocean is more than its size.
My hand was a ship with pacific access.
A perfect plan,
but my eyes betray and hands sweat.
I wish I knew you.
You who killed his CREW with another:
CUT them, dropped them to the deep.
I would go there,
to retrieve a gene that you’ve lost.
I could close my eyes and feel like a part of your mind.
A peck of the fibers that make you who you are, secretly savoring.
I might open my mouth and take it all in,
then keep it hidden somewhere in the back of myself,
to gather dust.
A momento.
You’ll never be complete again.


Created: Apr 20, 2010


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