"She, him, and her. #01"

By yequay

"She, him, and her." #01 : Him, Her, and She.

[The things that happened then just don’t matter much now. (Or, I don’t like to think about them because then they do.)]

Some things happened
that weren't supposed
to happen.
They just did.
Things happened
and were dealt with
to varying degrees
of knowledge, effort
ability, and chance.

She ran off with Him.
They had a kid.
But he still had Her.
He had a kid.
With Her.

I don't know exactly what happened.
All I have is a promise not to ask,
And no fearless voice for my questions,
These things shouldn't matter.
They do not matter.
They did not matter.
And some speculation.

While it's best to not anger
large-toothed invisible beasts,
they still bother me.
I am stuck here with them
In this room, in this house,
With Him, Her, and She.

What? I don't know. I almost asked.
It started to come out
In mean, sarcastic implications,
But only scratched the surface,
Having lacked the strength
To break the glass.

Funny thing about scratches.
You look away for a minute,
For a second, you blink,
And there they are.
Straight out from nowhere.
And all the polishing in the world
won't make them go away.



Created: Apr 20, 2010

Tags: her, interior, internal, she, him, part 1, scratch, monologue

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