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Awkward Silences... [5 second pause] They are those inescapable moments in between politeness and... "I don’t like you." or "please back away....quickly.......or I will..." They're those "blank mind, eyes closed, take one deep breath, three steps back and pray to god my heart stops beating and maybe they will think I have died, CAN ANYONE ELSE HEAR THOSE CRICKETS!?!"...moments. Because when you’re 5’3, 36, 24, 36 It’s hard to go unnoticed Whether you are the one being stupid, or I am . First there’s those pick up lines, those "hey you" lines, those "Damn girl, you so fine " lines that only bring... [pause] crickets, because you really don’t want to say, "Honey, my face is up here…” or “Oh yeah baby, I’m so fine but sorry, child don’t waste my time….” [pause] yeah....crickets. Next there's those "Oh wow, you are really cute and um, this is my FRIEND Tom, ah, Jake, Dave, SHIT its just you have the most beautiful brown eyes and will you shoot me now, ...please?"...moments. Because you know they happen to all of us.... those cricket moments... Those lean back legs crossed I’ll pretend I don’t notice that boner if you don’t mention the food stain on my shirt and maybe, we can just forget any of this ever happened" moments... yeah... Awkward Silences. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyone want to perform this? :)


Created: Apr 20, 2010


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