Four Years

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…Have gone by like a dream, half remembered upon waking.

Forgotten is the anxiety I once harbored for joining myself with you

Replaced now by the over-used and under appreciated “I love you’s”

That never fall on deaf ears but sometimes fly from

Stomach muscles cramped from laughing,

Lungs worn from singing,

Lips numbed from pushing violently against yours

I struggle now only with finding the words and the ways

to express myself to you so that you can understand

My adoration does not always materialize in a traditional form

Though it remains all the same

I do not define myself by you but with you

As you are a part of me.

You are another arm

Or voice

Or conscience as I need one.

The end result remains the same

I am in love and you’re to blame.

Created: May 01, 2012


S W Russo Document Media