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In the middle of a dark night, there was a dark, tall and slender silhouette sliding between the stelled and glassed buildings. It was a man, with dark hair, and dark eyes under an even darker mask. This was a strange mask with a nose so long it looked like a trunk. He was carrying, nearly crushing against his chest, a moving plastic bag.

Suddenly, there was a bright light, focused on the strange man with his strange mask. Startled by the suddeness of the apparition, the masked man dropped his bag an ran away.

It was a boy, with a strange black cloak and wearing a bright torche. He scooped the bag in his ars and opened it carefully. It was a baby koala, probably stolen from the zoo.

_ Don't worry baby. the youg boy said tho the pet. I'll bring you back to your mother.

And he was gone.

On the morning, there was nothing to tell what happened during the night; just a plastic bag caught in a whirlwind.


Took the 4 first random records and put it together.

Created: Apr 30, 2012


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