May's Contribution

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And then May cut.
Snip, Snip, Snip.

It was her contribution, to give back to the land. Dan DeLion had blown his seeds to the wind where they buried into the ground and thus she had been born. Now it was time for May to return to the earth.

The child had giggled and said, "we ooze we pikle" and May had laughed in November, but time had come so quickly. She had to shear a bit away like a rose to keep on living, and to keep on giving because as the child had put it "reuse, recycle". A cycle is a circle and circles don't end. Her hair, her energy, her life was not her own, it was one with the land and she understood that more and more every spring. It was why she had been named May, how could she forget that she was more vegetable than human?

She snipped a bit more and checked the ends to see if she had cut away all that would keep her form living and all that would give life as food and mulch for her siblings in the ground. She sighed, looked around once more and saw the sun slipping into the sheets of it bed on the horizon and moved away from the scissors till the end of next week when she would return as she always did, in this season, to the place where she had first bloomed.

Created: Apr 29, 2012


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