Excerpt from "love & cynicism"

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 Sally Hughes:

Life is simple.

Max Rivers:

How is that?


You wake up, you do what is on your morning agenda. Maybe you brush your teeth first, or eat, or touch yourself. To each their own you know? After you do what you do, you go to work or school. You either deal with bullshit, a rude boss, rumors, or you have a nondescript day. You sit around, you talk. You judge. You go home,you eat, you do something recreational, and lights out. If it is Friday, you go have drinks with your friends or you stare at a phone, hoping that someone calls you. Throw in a flat tire, a death, a cheating partner, a bitchy boss, and an unplanned pregnancy and there is life. What's different is how you handle it. It is not the events, its you. Now a rational person deals :they cry,they get angry, and get it over with. They fork out the money, get a dog, get a cat, get laid, whatever you know? (stops to drink)

An unstable person now might get a gun, get into drugs, start smoking. They may end up in a mental ward. They might become a nympho. (lits up cigarette)

they could become a prostitute, land in jail. You get the picture. They do something risque, for a lack of a better word. Basically, between the rational and irrational, life is confusion.


(amused) What? No opinions on love?


(rolls eyes) Of course. I just thought you would be tired of my voice. (blows smoke out and smiles)

Love is similar too. Love doesn't exist for most of the people searching. Don't get me wrong. You can have feelings for someone all you want, but it does not constitute love. You have an ideal. Women want a powerful, handsome man with plenty of money,sensitive, a hot body, nice tool, great genes for their children and an overall patient, " I'll do anything that you ask, and expect nothing in return." Men just want a good face, tight body, great rack, and an ass that doesn't quit. She cooks and cleans and puts out regularly. It's complete bullshit. Those people don't exist. They are perfected ideas. Then when you realize that, you settle for someone less than what you wanted in the first place. Sure, they can tolerate your bullshit, you tolerate theirs, but you are unsatified. Why do you think the divorce rate is through the roof? YOu find someone good enough and you throw them away for the perfected idea. People with low standards are the ones who find "love". It disgusts me.


That's a cynical take on things.


(leans over and smirks) Don't you know hon? I am a cynical person.


Maybe I can change that?


My, my, how very arrogant!


At least I know what I want.


(leans back) We'll see.

End Scene

Created: Apr 29, 2012

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