Lipogram Sonnet

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Should I find your comparability to a July day?
I hold you as inviting and fantastically straight.
Rough winds do stir many darling buds of May,
and July's grip has all too short a trait.
Normally our sky's sun, too bright, will glow,
and commonly his gold color can dim,
and fair from fair will ordinarily not show,
by luck or naturally changing whim.
But your constant July day will not languish,
or mislay your right to your own good-looks,
nor should grim Charon know of your anguish,
as constant youth is now your outlook.

So long as man can sigh, and last on through,

so long lasts this, and this grants soul to you.

Created: Apr 29, 2012

Tags: poetry and art, independent poetry

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