This Piece of My Heart (Poem)

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And now what becomes of this piece of my heart?
Do I leave it here with our memories?
The distance starts, it is here even now,
And cannot be relieved.

I turned away and walked a step, 
But that piece came not with me.
I paused, turned 'round again, and looked upon it,
A moment unmeasured by time.

No convincing would restore us now.
I removed myself from this, 
But this piece is fixed here forever,
Like the pavement where we stood and said goodbye.

A piece of your heart stayed too, I see,
When you stepped in your new direction.
And like ghosts we still are there together,
Sweetly, clearly, within our reflection.

So, separate are we, I turn back no longer,
But still sense the distance grow behind.
My heart is missing that piece, that place,
But I see the next sure space in time.

An open clearing on my path,
Seems so far from where we parted.
This cannot heal the piece, it's lost,
But behold therein, a new piece started.

Created: Apr 28, 2012


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